Don't you have better things to do?

Of course you do, there is a game to develop! But since you are here that game probably need some sort of writing. Instead of wasting your team’s precious time, leave it to us. Your team’s efforts are better spent on their area of expertise.

Here are a few things we can help you with:


Whether or not you already have an idea for what you want your game world to be like we can help you develop a world that suits your game and scope. 

Good worldbuilding serve to support the games mechanics and to help the development team to form a clear picture of what they are creating. Strong worldbuilding also helps when marketing your game. 



You have decided on a setting and built a world but need help tying the strands of a story together for the player to follow. We will create an engaging and memorable narrative for your game  that will keep the player longing for more.



If your main framework might be done and you just want to fill your game world with more content for the player to explore and enjoy. We will write varied and exiting quests that will help keep the player engaged in the world.



If your dialogue doesn’t have that snappy fresh feeling you want, we can help you write dialogue that provides the player with information without being tedious. The secret to good dialogue is to make it short but nuanced.


Instructions and Descriptions

We will happily write descriptions for every item, ability and character in your game. If you simply need instructions on how to play, we can provide that as well.


Press material and texts to use on your website.


We love to share our experienses and have lectures on the art of creating narratives for games.

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