If you are curious about work we've done in the past feel free to browse below. If you are unsure wheather our writing style fits you, contact us for a free one hour work sample!

Work done for clients

Portia mission - Sonia

Mission done for My Time at Portia.

Portia mission - Nora

Mission done for My Time at Portia.


Work we did for an indie developer, which included both worldbuilding and a complete script for the game. 


Derek Day and the Mystery Note

A visual novel. Derek finds a strange note and is determined to find out what it means.
Character art by neonUFO.


In Haiku Slam, the aggressive poetry game, two great poets battle to dominate a haiku.

The Pit

The Pit is set in a world where a zero tolerance justice system sentences all criminals to be thrown down an ancient, dark abyss named The Pit.



The Ancient Apple Tree

Simple branching dialouge about a magic tree.


Wrestling is Fake

Simple branching dialouge about throwing in the towel.



Longer script written for a game pitch.


Speedrunner Spiro

A screenplay about a wacky adventure in speedrunning.



Night Light

Short story about two sisters.

Two-man Team

Part of a longer story about fantasy demons called Element Shifters.
This particular story is about two demons who both lost someone important to them.


Flavor Texts

Description of Aliens

A human space captain's encounter with an alien race.


Just your normal fantasy critters

Different take on some common fantasy beings.


Observations of Fauna

A collection of more or less fantastic beasts.


Comics (in Swedish)

Black Tie, White Noise

An office worker makes a very unlikely friend.



A world with no ground and flying sharks!



High tech Samurai

Game jam game trailer!

StudioPhixa 2019