If you are curious about work we've done in the past feel free to browse below. If you are unsure wheather our writing style fits you, contact us for a free one hour work sample!

Work done for clients

Portia mission - Sonia

Mission done for My Time at Portia.

Portia mission - Nora

Mission done for My Time at Portia.


Work we did for an indie developer, which included both worldbuilding and a complete script for the game. 


The Pit

The Pit is set in a world where a zero tolerance justice system sentences all criminals to be thrown down an ancient, dark abyss named The Pit.


In Haiku Slam, the aggressive poetry game, two great poets battle to dominate a haiku.



The Ancient Apple Tree

Simple branching dialouge about a magic tree.


Wrestling is Fake

Simple branching dialouge about throwing in the towel.



Longer script written for a game pitch.


The Past, the Present and the Future

Short script about two people and a leaving train. 



Night Light

Short story about two sisters.

Two-man Team

Part of a longer story about fantasy demons called Element Shifters.
This particular story is about two demons who both lost someone important to them.


Flavor Texts

Description of Aliens

A human space captain's encounter with an alien race.


Just your normal fantasy critters

Different take on some common fantasy beings.


Observations of Fauna

A collection of more or less fantastic beasts.


Comics (in Swedish)

Black Tie, White Noise

An office worker makes a very unlikely friend.



A world with no ground and flying sharks!



High tech Samurai

Game jam game trailer!

StudioPhixa 2019